July 26, 2007

Red, is my black.

Aint Maggie Simpsons cute? LOL. And there's the spidey pig on Homer Simpsons, and the Bart Simpsoms being naked. Tsk tsk.

Yesterday accompany Ah Chuck to Amk hub to meet his bro's gf and then after went to watch The Simpsons. The overall of the movie was funny, and some parts is rather saddist.

Evening went to meet Mum and Bro to eat, we eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. EHEHE. It's been like few weeks since i actualli sit down and have dinner with them.

In school now, having make-up class later.. and then going for Fbodz practice later. Hopfully i can catch up with them.

"I, Lucifer."

From AM to PM.

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