November 15, 2017

It's end of 2017

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Hello! How are you?

I'm sorry I've neglected you. As Always.
Every time I'm back at this little space, a few months have gone by. I always vividly recalled the countless number of times I've ask myself to update here - this little space of memories since I was fourteen. 

So if you asked, what am I busy with?
The big bulk of my life got to be work, then boyfriend, family and friends. And when I'm not working, I'm back to my hobby - which is equivalent to work. The irony is that I like to take photos/videos so much (of myself) that I'm still bringing the camera around.

Every day I'm literally thinking of new photos (to post online) and perhaps a short film (which I want to write, film and act in it). I wonder if I can bring my assistant, Mr tripod to the next level. I think I'm just too greedy, I literally want everything.

This post have been left draft for the past one year or sat two years? And 'cos I got too greedy to squeeze all my 2016 thoughts and photos into one post... it just don't work.

From today on, I will motivate myself to update this little space.

I think I did say before if one day my memories fails me, someone can guide me to this online journal of my life.

See you soon!

P.S. Do people still read blogs now? Comment if you want to motivate me! Hahah. 

January 18, 2016

Goodbye 2015

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Hi 2016,

I'm officially 27 (if you count by year) though I just turned 26 only. My birthday falls on December so by right I should have around a year more till I've aged. Sometimes I'm still living in denial and the truth is people may believe I am in my early twenties. A quarter of my life have past and somehow I still feel like a kid. You know there's so much I've yet to try, yet to achieve and you-name-it-i-got-it.


Alright, now is a time for me to recap some happenings last year and of 'cos in case one day my memory fails me, you are here.

Last year was the first year I kind of traveled once every two month. I traveled to Chiangmai, Phuket, Bali, Hong Kong and Malaysia. They are not the country you will go wow but I guess to me they were still sort of amazing. It was also the year where time flies really fast and yea, I'm officially able to manage/shoot a wedding solo, of 'cos with the help of my colleagues! Heheh ;)

Hmm... let me try to dig out some photos from last year...
(There's way too much photos... Maybe shall post them on separates one, if I do update!)


JANUARY - Goodbye 2014, Hi 2015

Usually I've got colored hair (pink, red, blue, green, rainbow maybe) but back then I've got really luscious black hair. Haha.

FEBRUARY - The month of love and HUAT AH~

It was Valentine's day! A rare occasion I'll receive flowers 'cos throughout this six years going seven years relationship, I think I only receive like four to five times? Though I don't like flowers but it feels good to receive sometimes. *winks* lol. I still love you Alvin Thoo!

Meetup w Yang on Day one of CNY ;)

The Lim family...

They always entertain to all my nonsensical requests, watch the short 15s video and you will know! Haha. Love you Dad, Mum and Bro (grandma too).

Beside that, the colleagues and I visited our bosses grandma's old home for CNY gathering...


Some of them washed car, prepared food and for many, it's the FIRST TIME WE BARBECUED SO MUCH BAK KWA. hehe~


A video posted by Jessica Lim 林丽姗 (@jessiccalim) on

Meet up with Eugena, it's probably our first date. It do feel kinda nice (:

A video posted by Jessica Lim 林丽姗 (@jessiccalim) on

First company shoot, was in our suits (:

A video posted by Jessica Lim 林丽姗 (@jessiccalim) on
Happy Birthday, Alvin! 


First time going to Chiangmai and it was with my family. It had been real long time since the we went on vacation together. I remembered the last was probably ten years ago when I was sixteen or seventeen to Genting Highlands. Though Dad and Mum can be a little naggy but all was well and I really enjoyed. 

A day out with bestie (:




An annual trip with the peeps from SYDC, this time round we went Phuket! We combined some random shots together with an impromptu dance concept video. Watch and you'll know! (: AND OH,  I realized I didn't edit the photos and they are still there. I should clear them soon, I hope!

I can't find much photos from July, the only ones are the one where I've blue ombre hair which I've posted in previous post. Dad's birthday month!


August gonna be Bali bound! Company retreat and there were ten of us.
I've written a blogpost before and watch the above! I love you Androids!

I seems to be quite busy with work, weddings all day err day.
It was also Mum's birthday month but she's away and I was quite alone.

October was my first time to Hong Kong, a first solo vacation with a girl - Angie Chua! 😘

I can't remember much but I know I meet up with my prysm girls.

It gonna be my birthday month!
First time having a staycation and at Llyod's Inn, I shall do a blogpost next time but don't know when. Hahah. Maybe just more pictures.

Went to take some pictures for SYDC and here's a group picture (:

Was also part of a friend's proposal...

We traveled to Malaysia Port Dickson. It was like a mini staycation and a gathering. Glad the rain stop and the proposal was pretty much a success (though the girl six sense knew something is going on). Congratulations!

Year end also means celebration...
A video posted by Jessica Lim 林丽姗 (@jessiccalim) on

We had our slumber/xmas party! (:


2015 was quite amazing but I do have my down moments.

For 2016... come what may?

In the following months February and March, I will be traveling to Hong Kong and Bali for work! I'm glad to have the chance yet I'm gonna missed out celebrating Valentine's day and 25th birthday with love. Oh well, they say everyday can be Valentine's day? Hmms.

Nonetheless, AZA AZA FIGHTING everyone~! ;D

November 29, 2015


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November 25, 2015


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这岛屿特别的美; 我想念这自由自在的感觉。


November 5, 2015


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Kinda the most epic march in ever

My emotions fickle like madness these days. Awhile I'm happy,  awhile I'm sad then vice versa.

Maybe as I age,  I go a lil craze. Lol. I keep ranting on snapchat recently though I only have like 20+ friends in there, you know maybe the numbers don't matter 'cos at least a few will be kaypoh about my life. (& I'm definitely very kaypoh in people's life.)

I've neglected this little space alot so I'll try to pen down my thoughts whenever I can. (After reading about Essena O'Niell online, I kinda got influence a little... I want to be more real.)

I haven't been taking much photographs ('cos I usually take video at work), as in a ratio comparison with video. So about few weeks back during september, I took an entire wedding as the main photographer for my friend's brother (It was a deal I accepted early last year when I'm still am an intern at work). It was definitely very stressful but I'm glad all is worthwhile! I'm also in good fortune 'cos I asked my boyfriend to help and be the second shooter. Haha.  Ya know there is more coverage  so more angles (;

Delivered the photographs and I'm really happy that they liked it!
*YAY! Little perks in life~*

Kids always give the most genuine smile. Hahah.

I'm not the best photographer out there so I'll try my best to capture moments (: 

Also, seeing couples getting married every one or two weeks is a happy thing but then this thought always came into my mind... when's my turn? Lol!  I'm not ready anytime soon though, just saying...

J+X, Happy Marriage!