July 25, 2007

The Devil backview.

I found out i wasnt exactly a happy girl, always feeling lost. *Points at my face.

When there's too much of people, i dont feel right and then i go down.. and start to think of stuff. And it's really amazing how people can just go away so fast, and found another new one. First they promise they will be your friend, they promise they wont walk away but YEA, sad to say.. life doesnt go the way. Or maybe i'm the one who initiated to leave first.

Though my life been really pack, i still feel empty.


I love dancing. YEA.

Wen, Jess, Xue.




Kisses for you.

And all the while eating steamboat, i'm the one who keep drinking the Spicy soup. I love spicy stuffs and i am the second last survival who can eat alot. EHEH.

Few minutes ago, my dad came home. He walked to me and then commented: "So late reach home again? You think the house like hotel ar?"

PA, WHAT YOU SAY HURT ME OKAY. I know i have been out always late but i try my best to come home early already. For the weekdays i'm either dancing or project and maybe chill with friends? Then weekends i'm working. WORKING IS SOMETHING I'VE NO CHOICE OKAY. Even if i'm not working on weekends.. i'm really glad i can hang out with the peeps around. And you know i feel guilty when i'm always late home.

The people around keeps me alive, stand by me.

I can only see
in my mind
wanna move closer
I can only see
of the real
having a wall infront.

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