July 29, 2007

Dance, their passion.


Yes, so i went to catch the Remix 2007 with the rest of the junoirs and senoirs. Guess what, our Fbodz Trademark won the champion! And i heard that the J-Team gonna sign a contract with them, how great can that be?

I so hope some day i will be like them.. like all of the performers who perform on stage just now. Sometimes when some group dance, i feel this rush of my adrenaline(spells?) then it give me goosebumps. I dont quite know how to describe this feeling but i guess they express themselves through dance.

Their energy-level and expressions on the face make me go WOW WOW.

I love you Fbodz! ..but sometimes i feel lost. I feel that i'm left alone in this group.. can anyone tell me i'm like in the family?

Inspire, inspirations.

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