August 26, 2015

Team AndroidsinBoots | Bali Bound


Half a year have pass by in a swift, I'm pretty much still alive and going great!

Before my memories fails me, I guess I got to type down all of this.  Even if I can't remember as much at some point of time in my life, there's something here that I can be reminded of.

I'm currently working in AndroidsinBoots Wedding! A company who do wedding cinematography and photography services, and I'm more to the cinematography team (I do both!). I started out as an intern early last year then was officially convert to their full time staff. I still find it amazing how things got started, is like I have been following AndroidsinBoots via facebook and instagram for a few years, then now I'm part of them. Last year was also the point I'm turning 25 years old aka mid-life crisis, so I just got to have a leap of faith in whatever I'm gonna do.

Here's the company who teach me way lot of stuff then I can never imagine. There's a lot of "first time" in my life, like the recent was trekking up Mount Batur in Bali and riding a Vespa. I guess I'm becoming much braver then I'm usually am (still timid and scare though). They're the first company that makes me feel that my existence is much more important (rather than those 'cos I pay you, you gonna work like robot), it's much more... like a family.

This Bali trip makes me feel alot, in the sense that there is so much feels and gush of emotions. Perhaps I'm growing older, and it makes me appreciate much more. Those speeches intrigued me so much, so much that when it was my turn, I got a little dumbfounded. Since I can't seems to voice it out, I shall write it all here and hopefully it will reach to every individual one of you.

So let me get started...

To my beloved minions:

When I first saw you, you give me this goth girl look (you still do) and it was pretty cool.
I was quite happy for you to be part of our team though you mistaken me to be your smoking buddy. Haha. You have this silly-cute-happy vibe that makes people want to take care of you. Thanks for being my room mate for the trip and I really enjoyed the talks we have, also the two of us around each other during trekking.

The girl who live really near our office, the tinder girl ;)
I think I didn't really work with you a lot but I do enjoyed your presence! Thanks for listening to my nagging that time at Food for Thought when the projector go hay-wire and my video can't be show clearly (I almost go haywire). The massage spa experience we had in Bali was perhaps the most intimate one. Haha. Thanks for helping me, be it great or small. Jiayou in your future endeavors!

Yeu Yann

You've a great smile and always bringing this positive vibes to us.
I like how you're really hard working and gets to know of things really fast. Keep all this going and really, you will go far! Also thanks for listening to my nagging at Food for Thought the other day, and waiting to watch the edit to be shown on the screen. Thanks for being a great help and believe in me. 

The Pablo and my new ootd buddy! ;)
Our first working experience was probably C&T, the wedding of the year. Haha. It's really fun to share video editing experience with you and you know you do a great job in editing too! Thanks for helping me in wedding day shoot, helping me to be the slider queen. Lol. Though you kind of complain quite abit but you still do your task properly. You're the intern of the year.


Happy-go-lucky girl! Your vibe is rather contagious (:
I kinda work with you the most, interact and what's not. I like how you're always so chirpy and lively, it's like the very opposite of me that and what I would like to be. I really enjoyed the short bus trip-chatting session when heading to the station,  breakfast session from uncle david's, macdonald's on wednesday. You know sometimes I miss this hype in the office. Thanks for being a really great help for my first few weddings day shoot, you know it really keep a load all of me. Believe whatever you like and stick with it, you gonna go far! Fighting.

Jessica Ching
The youngest but most mature one.
You're perhaps the third or fourth Jessica I've meet. I'm always curious how another "Jessica" is like and you're really one great Jessica. You always give your all in whatever you do, when helping out in video shoot or photo shoot. You're so on the go and this really strikes me. Thanks for helping out in the shoots and always being so bubbly and cheerful. Hope everything go well and I shall see you soon, Jessica!

My most missed, the hyper girl. (;
The first person who bring so much hype to the company. The one who just a day next to my birthday, the Sagittarius. I guess we share quite a lot of similarities, in term of mindset and how we feel. I enjoyed talking to you, sharing our experiences and how is it like as we progressively learn video. I like your presence and also 'cos you're the very opposite of me. Thank you for being part of my life and I can't wait to see you shine! 


My twin, 'cos we kinda have quite a bit of similarities.
When I first know you, I think you're very straight, haha, what I mean is the perspective of photos. I still remember last year, Sherrilynn and me were very impress with the photos you've taken in Melaka. There's this special vibe and we think you're really talented. You know it's also quite amazing to know someone who share the same food or interest or certain mindset. We both like to drink Koi green tea macchiato, don't like to eat vegetable stem and our first part time job was Mos Burger. I really like to hang out with you, enjoyed the talks and head for dinner together. You inspired me to take better photos too, always seeing a different perspective. Thanks for being there and I'm really happy that you're part of us. Thanks for letting me know that I'm a pillar of your support, I never knew someone like me can be of such importance. Thanks for always helping me taking photos of my narcissistic self and being a great girlfriend. (:

To my bosses...


The feel super slack boss but maybe not. (;
I kinda work with you more this year and that's when we got to interact more. You make me believe that a girl can do well and be a great cinematographer too. If you can, why can't I? There's so much that you inspired me and pushes me to do more. Thanks for taking care of me, passing me medicine especially when my eyes got swollen. Haha. I really enjoyed the talks we had in Bali, or perhaps that was the first time we chatted like that. Thanks for making me know I'm someone important that I never knew I was. Thanks for being such a great boss, mentor and friend.

The best mentor and boss, the one who makes me inspired to be a cinematographer.
If you haven't guide and trust me from the start, I wouldn't be where I am now.  Sometimes I don't understand how you can trust me so much 'cos most of the times I kinda doubt myself. Thanks for trusting me, for teaching me and inspiring me. Thanks for helping me during the climb at Mount Batur, without the help I think I may just give up. Thanks for always checking if I'm okay, for always being like a big brother. Thanks for everything.

The founder of AndroidsinBoots, the one who makes all this happen. (:
I guess without you, I would not have experience all of this, and there won't be such an impact in my life. Thanks for choosing me to be part of the family, for me to know more of photography and then cinematography. You're really a great mentor, boss, brother, friend and what's not. I like how you're always so passionate and though I'm here now,  I'm always still inspired by you. Thanks for taking care of me (or perhaps just being there) when my eyes got really swollen in Phuket last year, for spending my mid-life crisis, my first vespa ride in Bali and much more. There's so much to thank you for and sorry for being so unlucky at times 'cos your Jon Snow seems to breakdown or go haywire when I'm in. Hahah.

In all,


Thanks for being part of my life! 

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