January 6, 2009

Happenings in School

Now, I hope time goes so fast yet I hope time goes slower.
Will there be an end or a new start?

If I am a biker.. LOL.

School have offcially started and it declares the end of school. For the first week of school, I skipped monday class. It's only two lecture and it ends like one? On the second week of school I didn skipped Monday lecture and guess what? My classmates from Still Thinking didn came except for Soon Tong :( I was kind of worry 'cos I dont like to eat alone.

After the lecture, new classmate Christopher and Leslie looked at me and asked to eat lunch together. Heh. And yes, till now I am still not sure which class I'm in. At some classes I'm like E1 and then another E4? LOL.

We walked one big round outside the school starting from North canteen. Then they smoke, I was kind of surprise though. Then pictures session starts when we got too bored. It's the first time I take picture with them. I didnt have a chance to take with them during Production 'cos they went off.. once again thanks for coming to watch me dance! Appreciated.

They say they are naturally cute, so twist. Hah.

I like this! Like so symmetrical.

Some statue.

We wanted to take some big head shot but this seems so not big..


First shot was with KK's helmet.

We try to shake shake.

Show you my straight teeth!

After, end of webcam session as they say more people came and they were SHY. Lesson start and end at 1. I went to meet KM awhile. I was so blur that I left my thumbdrive in his free lab. Thanks to KM for helping me take my thumbdrive if not others might take it away? HAH. Projects later and dance...

Anyway, Open House for Nanyang Polytechnic will be on the 8, 9, and 10 of January. Do come down the school and take a look. If you happen to be in NYP, there will be ongoing performances by different clubs. Not forgetting the street dance club - Foreign Bodies! There will be performances on slots at 1220 and 1645 for 8th, 1205 and 1830 on 9th, 1205 and 1645 on 10th. So make your way down to catch us! TEEHEE.

Oh man. Now I feel blessed looking at this few people and I somehow thought I can be the same. No, I dont want to have the same feeling as them but yet another feeling. Still I want to be blessed. So perhaps now I tell myself I need to pursue what capture my heart. but then again am I the one that capture your heart?

Good friend D told me if he know that's such a wonderful girl waiting for him, he wont let the chance slipped by. So now I asked, will you slipped this chance? But then again, maybe I aint wonderful at all.

"Let nature take it course loh?.."

Time waits
time stops
time dont

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