October 10, 2009

Fantasy World

On my own, living in denial.

I'm currently growing against time.

In Mum's eyes I'm still a small kid. I'm keep under control with all the good stuffs coming along. In Dad's eyes I'm still a girl. I'm always told about how to be careful with regards to strangers and not to be harm. He always believe in this world everyone is evil(even himself), and alot will take advantage of girls. He thinks I'm so 'stupid'.

In ABC's or XYZ's eyes I doesnt look like a twenty-to-be.

In Jessica Lim Li Shan's eyes, she still cant believe she've completed her primary school PSLE.. followed by secondary school 'O' level and up till now, Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma of Multimedia and Infocomm Technology. In her eyes, 16 just feel so yesterday.

So now tell me how, how to have an aim in life.. teach me how to grow up so I can earn big moolahs, and be an independent person. I still dont know what I want and get stress up as days goes. I start to talk really little(or perhaps mind blank), and feel pretty out of place. I dont take intiative to a whole lot until I wonder is my belonging worth while(or I'm just forgotten like that). I like to see people but at times I'm scare of crowds.

I feel like a !!@#$%^@&*!, like omg wtf.. omg lol.

Give me strings, so I can fly again.

Lead me
whoever you are.

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