October 7, 2006


Update tomorrow.

The day was yawning itself awake,
cheeks softening to a blush
and it struck me that the rush
could, today, wait

and give way to a stop -
a stare -

a study
of how much red and yellow
fit into orange -
a look at the banyan beard
hanging just a little lower than before -

a listen
to the sound of the eternities
enclosed in a second -

a resistance
to the mind insistence
that there really was no reason
to stop then, instead of
now, or now.. or now again...
or any of a thousand other seconds
in a thousand other reasons:

and then the dawning
that seconds do stop for breath -
leave us to linger in
moments momentarily removed from time -
moments momentarily momentous.

*morning at memory's border
poems by aaron maniam

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