November 1, 2006

Lost in touch.

I never bring my handphone to school, so i'm currently in school. I will be in school till around nine, so anything important. I'm sorry.

AND i'm still considering whether to go home and take my handphone. =/

In the end, i went home to take my handphone. I dont know why i feel so lost without it. All i know was, when i reach home i got four missed calls and four new messages. I think life is ridiculous, when you're with your handphone the whole day.. it never rings.

I skipped JMD again. Shrugs.

I went to meet mum. Then i wear this very big pink sweater, struggling all the way with the umbrella in the rain. I wanted to go IMM to buy some nails' stuffs and walked around. I called mum to meet her 'cos i sort of feel guilty. I feel guilty that i've got no time for her, i feel guilty that she'll feel lonely.

I met her at jurong mrt station. I dont know we've to walk a bridge, she was wearing her heels and she sort of nag at me. She nag she should have go home, she nag i didn tell earlier about meeting her. Then she nag about the rain. 'Cos we're holding umbrellas, she asked me to walk in front. I feel so hurt then i tears(but she dont know).

After awhile, she said sorry feeling bad about what she said.

Am i going back to my toddle life? Why did my eyes ache nowadays?

Eug says i'm not so hyper in alot of things already. I give up this and that. She talks me through alot of stuffs. Seriously i understand what she says but i ignore my heart. I ignore whatever it wants to. In the end, all i know i feel down.. then down.

Hmms, i'm sorry really. We'll be best friends okay? =D

I'm a bad person who be so indecisive and drags on. I'm just yuck.


Even yellow nails
've got their memories.
When each coat
is painted,
there's different
expressions going on
in that tweeny face
of yours.

You smiled
why it turned out so nice
You frown
why it looks so odd
You got angry
why so many times you paint
it still aint perfect

..and all that seems
seems like love.


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