June 20, 2006

they say, dreams are merely dreams.

if you were given a chance to choose/believe whether, in da world there are more bad guys or good guys.. which will u choose? for me, i choose to believe most humans are good. hmms, maybe this is trying to be naive and innocent.. but sometimes behaving like how kids are, isnt that make you a happier person?

if you read at da newspapers and news, what they tell ya is about baddies and all. come to think of that, some good guys may be treated as da bad guys cos da baddies "spoilt" their reputation. humans get step back when they are meet in situation when they heard something bad happen. cant there be exceptional? they tend to be something that is good, just that da heart pull them back.

okay.. for now i'm referring to some model agency. this am da second time yang and me went to interview[a different one]. i sorta believe what da lady said.. she told us we need to pay hundred-fifty-bucks for da photoshoot. whay she said may be false and i know newspaper do wrote about this kind of swindle where a hundred become a thousand. i know da consequences but i still wanna choose to believe. ma mum said i wanna have MING XING MENG. half is true but another is to gain EXPERIENCE. i wanna try different experience but.. I DONT KNOW.

when you were young, your parents asked you what you dream of. when you said you wanna become a dancer/pilot.. they asked you to pursue it. when your were older, like in your teenage years, they asked you to study hard and forget about your dreams cos' they aint "real". you tried to explain to them you really wanna pursue your dreams but they think of da dangers/risk outside.. and pull your hand to step back. they dont know by doing this will make the kid rebellious.. and he/she may go on...


A kite.

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