November 4, 2006

Just a little and i'll be, moved.

(The housefly, the chubby and the geeky one.)
PS: I drew eyeliner! Bigger eyes, HEH.

Yesterday is Robin's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HORBIN! Lol. We classmates sang him a birthday song in the lecture room, followed by a present. That's a small blessed yeap?

(During lab)

(Trix did this! WEE.)

Tuesday(31st October) went to sing K(after school and it's HALLOWEEN) with the girls. We sang quite alot, then i felt emo, then kind of tired and stopped. Qing Tian, Jian Jian Dan Dan, Hui You Na Me Yi Tian, Gan Bu Gan.

Anyway, i think my voice yucks. I simply cant hit high notes and kind of monotone.

Guess where i took this?

The convex(or concave) mirror outside some carpark. Teehee.

This is Eug and me.

There's abit problem with the lightning. I look fugly.

Here are some candids i suppose..

We may look kind of unglam. So that's called CANDID. ;p

During one of the song by Fahrenheit,

Random shots of the lyrics. Hmms, kind of sad(or true) huh?

I'm starting work in ROXY in hours time(and it's my first day). SLEEP LAH GIRL. Wish me smooth sailing.

Dark chocolates
taste it and you'll know
a little bitter
a little sweet
a little sticky
that's something like life
that's something like love
that's something like dope.

..and then perhaps milk chocolate.

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