October 5, 2006

Looking back, you'll wonder why life is so dramatic.

and some is sweet afterall.

and they say: "Memories makes you feel warmth but thinking back makes your heart ache a little."

How true can this be? Maybe you regret some decision you've make, and that describe the heart ache(or maybe you slip a chance). You feel warmth 'cos they let you grow, even if it's something heart-breaking.. it just never be forgotten.

Wen and Xue came my house yesterday. They came for awhile 'cos i've to meet my mum for dinner. We went Zingdo to eat and URM.. i think my maggee is nicer(that is to my own opinion). =\. But i still want to try the noodles(myon) and i think it'll be nicer than my maggee MEE. Lol. For peeps' info, i only ate the chicken.. alot say beef is nicer but i cant take beef.

(Notice my eyes, a little weird 'cos of that sore.)

I want to be like some kid today. I so feel like grumbling to people hoping they grumble back too(or they just can act like the way i do). That is to be retarded. Hahaa.

Yes, be my teddy bear. If you notice that bear, he's a waiter and i'm a waitress. Together we match 'cos we're in the F&B line. LMAO.

I wore the pink pink top few days ago.

Someone told me that i look different(or so-not-nice) in some pictures. I think must be the problem with the clothes, hair, my mood and the angle of the camera.

I've another working day already, later on from six - ten. Guess what? I gonna be a dish washer. DAMN. I'll learn to be a supergirl during work, that is to be fast fast.

I believe the sun will come. But now i wonder, i've no sun in my rain.. 'Cos in my heart there's no one?

You are flying, whether
Seen, thought or heard of
Somehow you find wings where
The rest of us are fettered
To a too-stable earth.

*fettered - restricted
morning at memory's border
-poems by aaron maniam

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