October 30, 2006

Hello world.

..and i've got no response.

Thinking through, for my whole life i miss or slip alot of chances.


LOOK AT THIS. Eug told me about it and then it falls on saturday and sunday. I'll most probably be working, so i slip a chance to see people dance? And also to know some peeps or friends(of Eug) from Oschool? Shrugs.

Life is definately not on the right track..

For some things, i must say.

I'm tired and all that i feel like giving up. I feel like giving up on dancing.. BUT long time ago i say i wont, dont i? I spend my time and money learning some dance at some community centre. Though the result aint tremendous, but my coordination of my hands and legs improve dont?

I'm easily distracted if someone looks at me. So, can i dont care whoever? Just concentrate on my dance man.. I need concentration.

And also confidence. Confidence in ALOT OF STUFFS.

So, i must think i'm great. JESSICA IS GREAT.

Nevermind, here are some pictures taken from JAS(Japanese Association of Singapore) open house.

I was a model for that bench. YEA.

And here's Aryuna and me.


Glass do reflects too and may be better than mirrors? HAHAH.

Yessica(my name in german).

Our group photo..

with the help of timer. WEE.

Gerry and me,

We're caught in the reflections of the lift door.


Mirrors we've got in the lift! HAHAH.

We present the YELLOWs.

Not that yellow. But yellow. Lol.

Trix and Me.

Library aint quiet you know. =
Presenting the signboard,

No eating, drinking and be QUIET.

Here's the ancient(or whatever) clock that give me inspirations..

To take this! It ticks and tocks, and do reflects me too. HEH.

The provision shop.

..a concave or convex mirror? ;p

To end.

AND THAT DESCRIBES ME with regards to taking pictures.

If i can fly
i want to
to blue
to red

to depression
to love.

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