September 25, 2006

I dont need more, just one.

Imagine that's zillion of people in this world.


So in this zillion of people around, you only meet few hundreds(and few thousand if more). So fate bonds you together in some way. Ever wonder how many people you miss knowing who walk pass you? Or have you ever wonder how many people who you know but never get together(for that i refer to males)? Now i wonder, i've miss alot of them and i never wanted to try. 'cos there's this fear and insecurity. Or when i wanted to try, all was too late.. i've been far off from time. So time become an issue already.

And sometimes, when you broke someone's heart and want to mend it back.. there wasnt a chance given.

Have you wonder why when you start to grow older, alot of things doesnt matter anymore? Just like people can treat you so well that you misunderstood for liking, but that person is attached(or so their heart aint yours). Or the person can kiss or hug you like you're their love? So does that means that such things aint inportant anymore? When you grow older, all start to be more of a game. It seems unrealistic, it seems so much of an illusion.

So is that lust or love? This must be so much of a lust.

Have you wonder that sometimes things you so get used to it, you actually mistook it for liking? Or is that one such of liking too? What i mean is objects and so of humans. Like how you're so addicted to talk to someone, to be with someone, or even to quarel(sp?) with someone. Once they're gone, you feel sad but you do nothing. You waited, hoping all will be the same again. Usually, they're gone.. not forever but in your life. 'Cos i dont believe there's forever.

Have you wonder why you study and work like they're your life? You studied, thinking it may be of your career path. You choose the course that people claim to be earning the most money. BUT you didn notice that it aint your cup of tea. You work to earn money, to save and making the numbers in the bank starting to jump. You thought by having more money, you're more happy. You work all day and night. BUT you neglected your friends and your family which money cant buy.

Speaking of the cup of tea in life, alot of times.. you choose the opposite.

Have you wonder why Jessica always think so bloody much? 'Cos she dont understand her life sometimes. She feel kind of aimless. All she knows is to go on and to see what tomorrow will takes.

For those who find the long crap boring or dont bother to read(and for those who read too), here's something to loosen up.

Pocky cum Smoking advertisement.

Or say being random-ness. Horrible i may look.

I too found this in Juna's youtube.

Chingay 2006, taken some time ago. I think you can spot me there. HAHAH. Watch till the end and you'll know how mad we are. And i think the background music is kind of unclear(cos of some other noise).

They say
If you like somebody
even if they choose
the wrong decision
you got to agree
and support him(or her)
with that mighty heart of yours.

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