September 27, 2006

I'm just a passerby.

Prove me wrong.

I have been busy with work and cca recently. Let's talk about work.. i think it's kind of fun giving out flyers at the entrance of JEC(for two days i did). The flyers are giving out at a faster rate than standing outside the restaurant(but my manager think my colleague and i throw the flyer in the dustbin). And the guys at a small store selling handphones thing-y sort of look at me. LOL.

On monday, i written upset on my face. During work, 'cos of a kimchi soup.. Edmund(manager) kind of doubt me? 'Cos kimchi soup cant be top up but have to pay for additional $2 for another bowl. At first i told the custumer that they have to pay but Jackson(kitchen crew) said can. So i bring the bowl to kitchen and Edmund saw. Besides that, 'cos i was bored.. i drew on the masking tape that use to stick order lists. Edmund saw it and asked me to put new masking tape. During closing, we need to make chilli sauce and etc, my pace is so slow. I doubt Edmund think i'm so horrible(or i dont know) feeling.

Hmms, thinking someone feeling upset about my behaviour(or think i'm useless) makes me upset. Just to think that way make me upset.

I wanna add colors to my life.


Never mind. I'm so bored that i slept at 6 the day before watching "The Magicians of love" on youtube. I'm left with two episodes.

I think my blog is so much of words nowadays. No photos and etc. No much peeps who tagged too. I'm just so much of nothing.

And here's a video taken last month during Natsu Festival.

Though i dont know them, but i think they dance well. AND it's kinda wasted that the ending wasnt being film 'cos of my cam going dead.

Sometimes you know clearly
how one feels for you
just by the way they talk
and how their actions towards you
But you just acted
like you dont know
just 'cos
you dont understand what
your heart wants
or the fear of gameover
or even to take off
that particular first step.

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