September 24, 2006

That U-shaped means something, thanks.

Somehow, blogging is addictive. It've become a habit before i sleep.

I shall illustrate a scenario.

You are working.. sometimes you're too tired that you dont show any expression. Ocassionally, you smile just to be polite to the custumers. Ocassionally, you smile 'cos the kitchen crew joke to you.. or they help you carry stuffs.

Then you came across a table to clear their finished food. They looked at you and you thought what was wrong. So you smiled, then you notice their mouth started to move. They chatted with you for awhile, and ask if you're still schooling. You answered them. Then they said you're hardworking. There's some doubts in your head but that explain that smile.

Yesterday, I saw farmiliar faces that make me smile. Ain, James, Weichong and Fremen.

Anyway there was one custumer who waved goodbye to me as if i know him. That make me smile. And there's a passerby who wave at me through the glass window as if i'm his long lost friend. That make me stunned.

So, a smile is precious especially to a girl like me. I'm easily sastified. Uhh.. i mean happy. Lol.

And here's my brother.

Dont mind about my chubby face but this is the only photo i took. LOVE HIM!

And here's his idiotic sister.

With that fishball of her, and her tie-hair-which-look-short-hair.

Being nervous kills
a million of me away.
Someone please chase
them away
just hold my hand
and run
away from
that stressful island.

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