December 12, 2011

About "Life On a Travelator"

Imagination into reality...

It's like a minute more of my story, and at times kind of lost and lonely.

My first short film attempt with Justin Lim for Creative Video Awards 2011.

It was pretty last minute idea from me 'cos I don't really want to miss the chance. It was filmed on the night before the submission, deadline 9th December 5pm.

Thanks Justin Lim for helping me with the video! I won't be able to come out with that in such a short while. I must say your videography skills and editing skills is awesome!

The initial idea was few months back when I got to know about Creative Video Awards. Thoo and me was discussing about the various themes and decided on Travel... and we came upon this phrase - "We are traveling every day, what are you traveling for?"

Lots of scenes flashes in my mind, and I was so inspired by various short films, especially those by WongFuProductions...

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"We are traveling every day, what are you traveling for?"

Results for shortlisted video will be out on 21st December.
I am so excited and hope "Life on a Travelator" will be shortlisted! It will definitely be the best birthday present for my 22nd birthday! ;D

I just want to say...
REALLY appreciated those who have watch the video and like in my facebook.
It really meant alot to me, source of motivation yo!

Also I want to thanks... SYDC O.N.E Production - Living One Life! Part of the description is adapted from the item. Heard from Thoo it is actually Mark that edited.
Thanks for the wonderful copy-writing! I really love it!

I have a dream, that is to be a star.

May be someday,
may be never,
may be today...

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