March 11, 2007

Cant live without you, camera.

I'm here to update again after a good night sleep. Sad to say, i think i cant live without bringing my camera out.. and i cant kick the habit not to update with pictures.

When i woke up i got this stupid headache and have to eat panadols, then crawl back to sleep. What the hell wrong with my head?

Okay, yesterday went over to Raffles City Roxy to work. It's my first time working that. I like the big big mirror in the fitting room. Teehee. Eugenia and YT came to visit me during work. (GREATLY APPRECIATED). After work.. Jessica and Jacky came to meet Eugenia and me.

Mirror reflects. Teehee.

I'm a pose-r. HAH.

My back view.

It's been ages since i wore this fox jeans and my pinapple shoe. Like FINALLY, my pinapple shoe is nicely match. Like FIRST TIME, i wore hip hop to work. Lol.

Here's Eugenia and me, it's been ages since i take a picture with her..

My hot babe. Hahahah. I think i look quite tomboy in the picture, but i quite like the shot. =D

The aftermath..

This is what happened when the 3J's met. Heh.


I command them to fly! HAHAHHA.

Aiyah, i think i dont have enough time.

I love you all
most important
i'll learn to love myself.

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