November 7, 2005


maths paper one and social studies paper were over. maths is quite okay and i think i deduct quite a number of marks already cos i was careless. for da locus question i drew a circle with radius two cm and i'm thinking why no interception but didn change it. LMAO. how funny i was. for social studies it was like WHATTHETOOT.. i didn study any of the topics but i still do da sri lanka one. i dont know if i cant score well for da part (a) for da questions cos i couldnt rem so well.. and as for part (b), the chances of getting a zero is 95%. LOL. so i hope overall still can get a pass or a better of 30/50 if ma sbq help me. xD.

i still haven finish ma chemistry and i gotta rush finish it later. i'm think i'm such a fool. lols. hope ma geography can get betta results and so ma overall humanities will be a B3 if worse a C6 ba. aha. and yeap.. hope ma overall maths will get an a1.. and hopefully ma chinese will get a1 oso. how nice if i can get huh. lols.

eight more papers to go, and two weeks to an end. go go jiayou. =j

i told myself to win myself and not others though others have win me more than half of the race.

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