July 9, 2006


if only da feeling of badump is so strong, you must be da one.

hmms, went out with jm on friday. i think i haven see him since february, and i think that's about five months already. i didn manage to take a photo though.. i should at least take a picture of maself with his LARGE labcoat. lols. he bought three tees and a bermudas.. and i help him choose all. HA. and ya know what? we were in one of da shop and da auntie asked if he's ma boyfriend, i told auntie he aint.. he's just a friend.

anw, i bought maself a pair of rubber shoes, not CROCS okay. LOL. it is white in color with a red ribbon on.

i went to do pedicure and manicure with mum on saturday. this is da first time i do pedicure and it feels weird.. cos somebody is like scrubbing your leg and all. i bought a white pants at veeko and i've been looking for a white pants like for 3767878978908 days. LOL. i've become a girl who spend quite alot already.. i hope i will stop that though, but still i wont spend till ma bank become a nil.



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