January 1, 2012

It's 2012, happening too soon.

Feel so lost, since the last week of 2011...

I've got this bad swollen red eye that makes me impossible to go anywhere.

I feel so much like a handicapped, looking at people celebrating with their friends or enjoy. Love one by their side. My dad and mum at my side, constantly looking care of me. My brother is there and some constant messages from friends. But... I feel I am last to him.

We always quarrel it ain't but no matter how I always feel that.

Last week, the day after Christmas I've really bad gastric flu. I so hope you are here but I know you are in camp. This time round you are out with a long weekend but always with friends. I know I can't be so greedy to keep you by my side when I am sick 'cos you actually can't do much and watch me sleep. I'm feeling so alone.

Feeling horrible in my heart 'cos it feels so incomplete without you yet...

I just want to have a healthy body, feel so isolated right now.

Good night everyone, my eyes is getting way swollen then ever.

Maybe I am important.
Yes you say I am.

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