January 21, 2006


again, i'm having animal stuffs. i got a leopard spots' tube and a leopard sort of jacket. LOL. i'm only in onto some of those stuffs cos cats and astro boy stuffs rawks more. wahaa.

i haven enroll in da dance course cos da first lesson is change to next month and i still couldnt find a friend. who wanna learn dancing!? come with me! o_o.

this few days i started to miss you-know-who. i went to see his friendster and then i saw losta girls' testimonials and then his testimonials to them. one thing come to ma mind.. it's weird, he doesnt look like him. he change, in his attitude or something.. maybe being more 'flirt-ish.' well i dont know.. maybe he's just behaving himself like he used to. and ya, someone told me that we are still friends and we can go out again.. hmm?

can anyone tell me why when couples break up.. they dont usually become friends or good friends but like 'enemies' or 'hi-bye' friend? shrugs. i'm his friend, i can accept.. i'm his ex-classmate, i can accept.. but am i his ex-girlfriend?

tomorrow town with pretty mama, handsome bro and me this red hair xiaomei! =D

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