April 15, 2014

Parental Advisory | Explicit Content

Outfit from Fleurx (upcoming), special thanks to photobuddy...

Holla! How do you like this Alexander Wang inspired piece?

It's been a whole 10 days since I've blog, so to make up for this time... I'm back to introduce you my favourite item upcoming from my webstore! Heheh. The quality for this pullover is assured, imported from Korea (:

Here's more photos with Wen, it feels so much like a friendship photoshoot...

Me looking like Tweety Bird. Haha.

Here's some close-up details...



YAY to our friendship of more than 10 years!
So what's your take, do you like the white or black version more?

Don't forget to stay tune for this new collection at www.fleurx.com! Also shop the previous collection which consists of lovely maxi dress for summer.

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