August 29, 2011

Memories of Taiwan

A journey to reminisce...

Looking back a few blog posts, I realise I didn't complete my blog post for the journey of Taiwan.

Click here & HERE for recap.


Day 7 - Gold Ecological Park & Jiu Fen

Owl drawings!

Great place.

We conquer the greatest heights.

Railway tracks :)

Yummy food time...

This shop dessert is really delicious!

Day 8 & 9 - Wu Fen Pu & Ximending
Outfit of the day...

Really love them! Trenchcoat from Cotton On, red boots from Taiwan.

Delicious pasta BUT pastamania is nicer. Opps.

Cute drawings.

And that marks the end of Taiwan Journey.


Feel like having another getaway soon, before I get too busy and everything else gets to pack again. Hmmms...

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