April 30, 2011

Snapshots of my life

I gonna start capturing them like how I used to in the past...

I love my new brown high-waist shorts and translucent top. I too got a new haircut lately. Don't I look like some Korean or Japanese? HAHAH. 'Cos my eyes is just so tiny but I like it!

This past few months was hectic. So much things happen and I can't exactly remember where I go and stuffs like that. Some of the things that happen to me feels like a dream, especially the small getaway to Taiwan?

I will try to update my blog more! ;)


18th March was boy's 20th Birthday.
Now, we're only one year apart, not two!

Though it wasn't a WOO-HAA celebrating, I guess it's what in us that matters.

Anyway, here is a video for him.

My very first stop motion video done by myself.
Though Thoo say I'm a bad singer but I'm sure it makes his day. Ehehe.


19th March - 28 March 2011 - Trip to Taiwan

Thoo and me at Airport.

The 10 of us which include 4 couples. The 2 guys got no choice but to sleep together. Lol.

Window view from the plane.

After 4 hours of flight, here we are...
Day 1.

Welcome to Taiwan.

Arrival at our lovely hotel!

Day 2 - Ximending.

Yummy Mister Donut.

I'm loving it! and it comes with five yummy colors.

They have lots of angry bird!

Day 3 - Danshui & Yu Ren Ma Tou.


Long Icecream! Hah.


The super far away Fisherman port ;D

The journey to the port was so far away. The weather was like 13 degrees which was least expected. What we wore was so thin especially Thoo who wore slippers the whole journey. Still, it was a great experience and we cross the Lover's bridge. Mission accomplished!

Day 4 - National Museum, SSA & Shilin Market.

Look at the magnificent structure of the building.

Group photo! It was a pity that Hong Kiat didn't join us.

Soka Center in Taipei.

Together w Alvin and his friend.


Last stop at the place was Shilin. The XXL chix was awesome!

Shall update the next half of Taiwan Trip soon!

It's going to be really exciting the next few days.

What are words
if you don't mean it
when you say them

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