May 2, 2011

Facebook developers & More of Taiwan

The social network.

Since facebook is the IN thing for really long, and I've seen people posting facebook icon on their blog or website. I wanna try it too! HEH.

I manage to add a like and send button at the side of my blog! I tried to add a LIKE BOX too but I wonder why does it keep giving me errors. Oh well...

Anyway, more updates of the Taiwan Trip.

Day 5 - Ximending.
On that particular day, I was so sick after lunch. My period came and the cramp was so bad... I wasted the day at the hotel. Luckily Thoo came to rescue and accompany me.

Good thing was at least we went Modern toilet restaurant for lunch.

Cute and not-so-smelly poo.

Food on plates that look like toilet bowl and etc. Cute!

Want some poo? It taste like Mr Softee though.

Day 6 - Taipei Zoo & Maokong.

Kids in Taipei looks cute, 'cos they wore extra thick.

The 3 couple who went to the zoo, and for your info... the ticket to the zoo is really cheap! It cost about NT100 (roughly NT$5), and you can explore lots of different areas, like asia animals, south africa animals, insects and etc.

My pass!

After some animals like bear and etc, it's time for something really close.



Pretty? Ai-YA-Ya, I'm a little butterfly...

I'm pretty amaze how a butterfly can look so much like a dried leaf.

One of my favorite shot!


Mac Donald seems extra crispy and there is corn soup.


Stress pig.

Cute Rabbit!

Blur Goat.


We are some monkey gorilla.

Off we fly!

WOO, photos taken in the ZOO is CHIBABOOM.
I shall post another entries for the rest of the peekures in the last entry of the trip.

Yesterday is MAY DAY.
Today is MAY TWO.
Tomorrow gonna be MAY THREE...

...Thoo's and me second year Anniversary.

I thought about today.

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