February 6, 2007

I want to be a man, no not man.

I think i've got this habit to wander alone. I wander in the streets after work, looking at clothes, looking at people, and then buying food to eat. I sleep in trains and buses, listening to my mp3. Just now, something unusual happen.. i'm still alone but i tears in the bus.

I cant help but negative thoughts run.

I'm quite tired of somethings. I keep repeating this and that.. i put effort in and in the end, i'm back to the starting point. Just how many times must i rewind the tape?

Colleague Martin says i look like a dead fish. As in i look dead, i look as if i didn have energy and etc. Then he say i should have more energy and lively 'cos i dance hip hop. Lol. I think what i lack is confidence, how can i exactly build them up? Anyone got the recipe for that?


They say eating sweet stuffs will make you feel better. I drank mos coffee shake, ate pinapple tards and oranges.. why cant i feel any better?

I said
"They're from mars."

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