August 28, 2011

Blog revamp!

Hi all, does anyone miss me? :)

I will be undergo a massive change in life soon I guess. 3 more weeks I will say goodbye to being Miss Lim... and I will definately miss them. I hope this time round, this will be the right one.

I can't wait to change a hairstyle and prolly a short getaway! Hehe.

Anyway, few months back I bought a ring light and start experimental with potrait photos. Or say, I experimental myself by camwhoring. Lol. I really need to start taking photos of my preloved clothes. Seriously, my wardrobe is bursting BUT I still keep buying clothes. AND alot of my clothes I only wore them like once? Seriously, girls Ah girls.

Since, I haven't been sharing my photos... here's some with love.

Railway craze, railway love.

Testing out the effect of the grass. Heh.

Last but not least... some pretty picture taken via the ring light!


We swear,

we love,

& we embrace.

Shall think of a better blog cover, what do you think? :)

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