December 22, 2008

Danzation 2008 & work

I cant stop blogging pictures, my god. If you see your face and kope the pictures, do tag huh.. and you know pictures makes you high. If it dont make you high, go away :)

It was a blast!

I really like the part when the girl solo. She was suppose to have this last dance with her dad and I can really feel her emotions. I too like the front part whereby it was of two couples when a third party came in. It make me think of street(lyrical) jazz during production, I miss!

After the show I went around looking for..

Eileen and Ivan.. they are the only person I know in NRA. Lol. You guys are great!

With the girls, LOVE. All the monster or mon or mon mon UNITE. Lol.

Now I should update about work. It's been pretty long since I worked.. I havent been working Cotton On for the month of December. I requested to work this week for certain days then they told me there is no available slots. Oh well. I think I shall try to ask for next year slot.. and I still have Cafe Del Mar!

That's my third day of work. This time round, Cheryl and Alicia join us! Both Lesner and Xuanhong didn work.. how fun if they two work too. As usual, I was drink server.. lychee mojito, perrier sparkling, carlsberg, sex on the beach, summer love, turquoise blue, corona and the list goes on.

Christmas is coming man, seems exciting yet not. People do come visit me at Cafe Del Mar this Christmas Eve! I'm working from 12 - 8pm. You can come suntan and have some good drinks.. it's the holidays you know! I will be working indoors, wont be at the beach area.

Santa Claus is coming to town.

I wish for..

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