October 11, 2014


I'm finally back...

Hello October, how are you?

Every time I'm back to this space, it's always weeks after weeks and now it's almost three months long. Through these months, I must say I've grow quite a fair bit.

August was a little depressing. My beloved grandma pass away. For the first time, it felt strange. She was just there sleeping with me weeks ago. We watched how she's so sickly in bed, till the day she pass away, and then burn to ashes. I watched my father teared, for the first time in my life.

Work have been pretty cool, adventurous I must say. For all I know, I'm really grateful for this Team.

I'm also back to dance, maybe about 20% of the past.

Anyway, I'm still that awkwardly quiet girl, in my own world...
(The girl who sometimes find it hard to express her real feelings. The girl who actually love to reach out to more people, gain a lil more attention and perhaps more friends. When everyone's out partying or gatherings, she seems to be going home... she don't know...)

Though may look a lil too busy, a lil pale looking face, a lil always tired but hey I'm happy.


He? ...always fighting for his dreams.

Let's go.

Sometimes, what if?

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