December 22, 2008

Meetup with Yang & Post-Production Party

Since Production, my apettite is becoming bad. Then I cant seems to sleep early. How how? I dont want the wind to blow me away. Hahahha..

Friday afternoon, meet up with Yang.

It been very long time since we sorta hang out. She treat me eat Pepper Lunch as my belated birthday. And it's the first time I ate that! See how mountain I am such. Yes yes, thanks Joseph for treating me watch Twilight too! You know the vampires are handsome man.

Nice? We saw this big Christmas tree right outside Paragon and took the reflections of the decorations. And you know this makes me think of someone.

I like this 'cos my face look like toy or fake or unglam.. then you can see the wrinkles on my forehead. LOL.

At night, went to PPP.. and I was like late. When I reach, they were giving out awards for the different genre and etc. Then we got games.. and it was kind of funny that everyone think of very ridiculous stuff. Everyone have a good laugh!

Our group picture. I LOVE YOU GUYS.

With Cheryl, Sandra, SK and Audrey.

And yes, this is Jessica Lim. And her eyes are like so small. Lol.

I didn really take alot of pictures though. I really miss dance this days although it's only a week I havent dance. I feel that my muscle are becoming flabby and then I feel that I cant dance anymore. I hope I will resume dance like soon..

Follow my heart.

There's a barrier
only I can see
and for you
to figure it out

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