December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

On the night of X'mas Eve, Jessy Dumpty had a great fall. She fall with her knees and her left foot got a little swollen, how clumsy!

So this Christmas, I didn exactly celebrate. The Eve at Cafe Del Mar was alright.. it was kind of quiet the whole afternoon 'cos of the rain. Then I was either food runner or stand at the entrance. I was almost like part of the decorations. Then everyone need to wore Christmas hat.. I was complimented by Michelle I did a great job! Woo.

After work, while walking up this stairs.. I slipped and fall. The lucky part is it didn become a bloody Christmas for me but still a very merry one. Still I can feel the pain when I rub against my slippers and it seems swollen. I didn exactly countdown but have dinner and chill with i-know-who.

This is my Santa hat.. pretty?

Then for Christmas, I slept till five! I merely sleep my whole day away. It been really a long time since I sleep till that late and my body is like aching. Mum was so happy I was home and I ate alot of good stuff. Anyway Christmas makes me feel blessed, maybe 'cos Santa Claus is coming to town!

On the 23rd..

We've this early Christmas celebration at ZH's house. We were to exchange present. Here's some of us who reach earlier.. I requested them to take the pictures. Heh.

Here's the eleven presents ready for exchange! Then Aaron wasnt here, he's off to Thailand. Hope your shop Indel-Romel will be great! Give me lots of free clothes I help you advertise in my blog okay?

With Trix.

After the lots have been make..

We got ourselves a new gift. I got Jeremy one and your 'imported' chocolate really nice!

Our group picture...

Together with the host of the day! We sure appreciate ZH for inviting us over and your Dad really been busy. He prepared and cooked really nice porridge.. we enjoy! Cheers.

Still thinking MI0614.

We're graduating soon and I hope we guys keep in contact. And something to tell you guys.. I know I may be really quiet and dont talk much at times but I really appreciate your and am glad that your came into my life. I'm sorry if I've been dancing too much and drift apart. I do treasure! Just everyone AZA AZA alright? LOVE.

And again,
Merry Christmas people!
Hope Santa Claus grant you your wishes or get you very nice present! =D

I miss your presence.

I feel you,
do you?

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