June 10, 2008


...but is based on my own accord. That's what my supervisor told me. I'm upset that there is no excuse letter though i find it weird. A camp in school and no excuse letter? Shrugs.. Who asked the camp to fall on a holiday and i'm in FYP and not attachment? Who asked me not to have holidays? Who asked me to be Year 3 now? If in IAP, boss will let me off when i tell her i got school event.

Anyway, I told one of my DT(i still dont know what DT stands for)/ lab-in-charge about my camp the next 3 days. He told me to sign-in in the morning and then come back to lab to sign-out. He ask me to go MIA after i sign my attendance.. LOL. Sneak-out, sneak-out. Thanks ar DT, finally your dont make me feel so stress.

I'm glad i no need face computer so much for the next three days.
I got more mood to draw the school already.

Plants, pond, trees here i come...

Follow my heart.

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