June 20, 2008


Things to update this days:

#1 Camp is over and i'm in group 4 Xi Shua Shua. I'm grp 4 last year too! =D
#2 I didn go for Asian Hip Hop on Monday, 'cos i wasnt inform =(
#3 I went for Street Jazz on Monday but there's only Jezz and Kai.. Eileen went for L.A at 8.
#4 I didn went for senoir practice on wednesday again.
#5 I didn went for Street Jazz meeting yesterday at 7pm.
#6 I've got 2 days MC from 18Jun - 19Jun.
#7 I miss FYP for 2 days and i feel guilty.
#8 My mum happy 'cos i was at home for 2 days.
#9 I've good sleep for the 2 days.
#10 Finally i got to spend time with boy on a weekday.
#11 I gonna miss Mass dance on Saturday 'cos i'm joining Amazing Race. LOL.
#12 There's performances coming up and i dont know if i should join.
#13 I want holidays to come.
#14 My supervisor haven been replying my email, i'm upset.
#15 One of the instock spree items have come, it's rather disappointing.
#16 I'm going broke.
#17 My 3-lenses 'Toy' Camera gonna come soon.
#18 I haven collect my apple strudel with the Apple Voucher.
#19 I feel damn stress.
#20 I'm like not myself anymore.

Start drawing man, TWOooooo more months and i'm freeeeeeee.

There's fear.

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