June 10, 2008


I've no mood to draw the school today, so that explains blogging today.
(P.S I've my camera in school that explains pictures, but most shots my eyes like weird.)

Dad and Mum went to overseas again, this time to Haikou(?Hai Nan Dao), China. My parents simply love China 'cos of its scenary. They flew off on Saturday and will be back tomorrow night. And prolly i will be off to camp so i can only see them on Friday. I miss you guys! =(

After went to Plaza Singapura to watch Battle Of The Year 2008. Radizal Forze Crew was really dope and it's kind of obvious who will won the competition.. Some of the other breaking crew didn join, like FUYO and i-dont-know already. HAHHA. When boy went cypher with the rest of the bboys, i feel like some idiot man, standing there stoning. I cant really see the cypher especially when too many people standing infront. Or perhaps 'cos i wore the wrong outfit and i feel awkward.

Justine came and thanks for accompany me awhile though this is sort of the first time i talk to you. =D

This is Mahmud.

I like this shot the best. *points above. Random shots of boy when he went cypher after the whole event.

This few days i dont know why i start to worry. Perhaps when Mum flew off to China, she told me to take care of Grandma, and try to go home earlier. After Church with Boy on Sunday morning, i went home awhile. Though boy and me were like nap-ping(?), but at least there is presence? LOL. We wanted to wake up at four and end up five. So we ate and went down to Expo. I didn know how last year TBG went, but TBG'08 was quite awesome. But it would be more awesome if i can sit at the front seat.. alot of heads is blocking my view making my neck super 'sour'.

With some of Fbodz peeps.

With Eileen, been awhile since i saw ya.. if you see this picture here, grab it and tag me ya! =D

I dont know the guy name but HAH, Joey.. if you see this picture grab it too.

With Christie and Joan.

With Veron, Jaster, Joan and Hazel.

With Arjuna.

The only two shots with boys. He complain that we always take pictures and i guess that bores him.

I didn take much picture that day though.. =(

Yesterday went home early to accompany ah ma. I bought KFC home with three piece chix but there were no chix wing or breast or ribs. DAMN IT.. i bet the KFC person bluff me. When i reach home ah ma talk non-stop, though i feel annoy at times.. ('cos i was conecentrating peeling my chicken..) i still try to listen. Lol. Ah ma told me she got sleeping bag so yea, i got something to sleep on during camp.

And again, FYP is so boring that i keep see things from spreehouse. I spotted a nice top again. Now, i sort of influence my class girls to online shopping.. this is evil man. Tsk tsk.

This days i dont really like to talk much but keeps grumbling and nagging about drawing the whole school, about how much attachment is better(cos if i say i gt school event they let me off), how much my DT seems strict(which i dont know true or not), about not able to do my jazz well, about not dancing hip hop as much, about not having enough sleep, about ALOT ALOT of stuffs. I'M PRETTY SORRY, just listen to my GRANDMOTHER STORY.

This posts is getting long.

Wait, few more updates and pictures.

So last friday went out with boy to celebrate his birthday. We went to Fish and Co and then watch Indiana Jones. The movie was quite good but i feel that National Treasure is better. Hmms..

Boy become transparent. I dont know how he did it though, perhaps he got special powers. LOL.

And on sunday, we sort of have a belated birthday celebration 'cos he celebrated the actual day with his parents. Boy look like he cant wait to blow the candle.

Alright, i gonna stop and finish up some stuffs.

Something important
yet i fear

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