October 5, 2008

Chao Ah Lian

*** Who is princess beloved? I am confuse.
And thanks to all who tagged.

Dont you just love the sun?

Hello people I am back from chalet. Chalet was great and it've been awhile since I stayover. Some of us went Escape 'cos we got free 4 tickets. Shyan and me went swimming and the guys joined. I stay for BBQ on second night and then I missed Street Jazz. Night cycle was damn fun, I cycle double with YZ 'cos i couldnt cycle. But my ass hurts like there's no tomorrow. Changi Village was fun.. you see alot of 'sexy woman' with boobs so big and 'sexy voice'. More pictures will be up when I got the rest :D

Hmms, presenting my favourite jacket.. the rainbow! I bought it online but it is rather small. And yes, I got a new hair style and color! I went to dye the next day I cut. I am still getting use to the color 'cos it is like so bright.. so KIM right? Lol. I cant take picture with flash too.. Shrugs.

Yesterday mass dance was alright. I feel tired 'cos I slept late. After went to watch movie with Ben, it've been ages since I saw him. Eagle Eyes was alright but everything was too exaggerate.. you will be shock thinking how powerful a computer system is. Walked, ate, talked.

Right now I feel so numb.

Why so serious?
Welcome to the Geek world.

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