January 2, 2008

Welcome 2008.

I guess this entry came abit late.. So today marked the second day of a new year and school reopening officially. "GOODBYE 2007!" I bet this is what in everyone's mind when the clock strike twelve that night. Alot of things happen for me in 2007. I know alot of people, I've been to more places, I've eat more food and my emotions grew. I've become a different person i suppose.

For the new year i hope i'll be more confident, more optimistic and more hardworking. I'm so a lazy bum that i didn finish up my projects, i'm so lazy to do my tutorials and recapped my dance steps. I wanna be better in 2008.

Hmms, Sorry to those i've neglected.. i guess i put more priority in dancing, family and boyfriend. Bestfriends, friends, classmates and school, time to catch up yea.

I wanna grow long hair this year too, no more cutting?

Tsk tsk, say is easy.


HAH, i finally updated this. This video came way too late.. my first performance for Student Union 2007 during October. I'm the first group performing with the rest of the junoirs followed by the rest of the dance by the senoirs.

Some pictures taken last year(last month),

So on the 14th of December meet up with Wen. We went to IMM to eat lunch. Eheh. It's been very long since i met up with her though she's just a block away from me. She's my photo buddy yea.

The two weeks of study break, i went to sentosa once with some of the Fbodz peeps. We went to Cafe Del Mar.. didn really take much picture with the rest but HAH, some pictures came out kind of funny.

Aftermath, the rain came and we all went KFC to eat.

For Christmas, I've got..

The white 'head' as Christmas present for him. HAH. I bet now it've been a white paper folded with a separate x'mas hat after the wrapper is opened.

Some drawing done by Miss Grace for Life Drawing workshop. At first i feel kind of shy but for the workshop it turned out alright 'cos there's a total of 4 people drawing me AND only one guy. Jon was there to accompany me too. And after the whole thing.. to see some nice drawing of myself make me happy. It's my first time being draw though most of them i look kind of emo.

Posing is kind of hard cause i've to freeze there for few minutes.. and the longest was like fifteen mintues. Hmms..

Well, time to end this.
..and i gotta buck up on my english.

"I do"
that all,
i love you.

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