December 25, 2007

I say "HohoHO..."

So today is Christmas and it's also Jon and me being together for the fourth month. I think it's the 123 days together if i didn count wrongly. How interesting is the number ya? Heh.

So my Christmas Eve was spend with Mum and Boyfriend. Christmas Eve Eve which is on a Sunday was with Jon's Mum, Bro and their church people. I went to their church and there's a small celebration going on. I feel a little weird going to a church but i like the the small buffet. LOL. And this Christmas is different 'cos i sort of celebrate it.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to those who sees this. :D

I've got three presents on hand by NYP that i haven open - that is 3 different projects that include Wed Design, Internet Programming and Data Strutures.Oh My God.

I guess i should start doing all the projects soon, all due next week. Rawr. Enough, some pictures taken three weeks ago.

Feeling hungry? Go to Jack's Place and ordered some Sirlion Steak or Fish and Chips. Hah. And yeap, this is my first time eating Jack's place.. Thanks boy for the treat! Wee.

Now for a change.

Popeye anyone? There's only one outlet in Singapore(i suppose) and it's located at Changi Airport. Hmms, went to Changi Airport was to send Jon's Mum to China when my parents going come back from China the next day. Lol.

I miss out a whole lot more pictures of different outings/meetings. I think the change of a layout makes me have the urge to update more often. I guess it's time to sleep. Stay happy people!

We wished you a Merry Christmas and a HAPPY New Yearrr! :D

I wishing on a star
and trying to believe
that even though it's far
you'll find me christmas tree.

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