January 12, 2007

So stupid, So ache.

(I aint rushing for things, how it goes.. i'll follow - Of love, life and etc.)

If you can only choose either the males or females to survive in the world(and you're the survivor also).. which will you choose?"

The first thing that come to my mind was - the males should survives(meaning all the female dies except me). I think alot of people would say the the males shouldnt survive, and think those females who say females die is evil.

I aint evil, just that i think.. something something is missing from my life. And i suppose that question answered that. Truly, the females in my life is important too.

School as usual, and i got disappointed again.

The time when i was two-and-twenty,
i smiled 'cos he give me three.
The time when i was twenty-and-two,
i frown 'cos i'm still given three.

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