February 25, 2009

Cotton On & Jobs Experience

I like the feeling of being busy.

Though I'm not working alot of days a week. At times working makes me feel occupied. I dont like to keep slacking at home, wishing time past fast. I dont like to face four walls so often. And I'm happy to see people, especially when customers smile at you. I'm happy at times when I saw farmiliar faces popping by.. like Dad and Mum. I happened to see Yaoguo and long time no see student ZhiJie. It was like years back then. Memories :)

Now it aint the sales period and at times it gets kind of peaceful..

The store - Cotton On.

Some random shots..

I still cant remember all their names! I am having short term memory man. Now I seems to forget alot of people names but only their face. Lol. I hope I will remember their names and know them better.

That day I received a sms from another J.

Another J: "Are you working? I was in lot one but didn saw you."
J: "I'm working, I was in the fitting room."
Another J: "Why're you at the fitting room? Dont tell me they hired you to camwhore there."

Pop by again lah! :D

Talking about working, let me see..

My first job was Mos Burger, during secondary three. The pay was damn little but I pretty enjoyed. 'Cos that period of time the mind is simple, just be happy and have tweeny extra income. I remembered shouting "Welcome to Mos Burger" and "Thank you please come again" everytime. The kitchen crew and managers were great, my colleagues too. My cousin was one of them.. Takashimaya outlet yea.

Next, I worked at a small Japanese restaurant before called Hito. The kitchen people treat me very well too and the boss. I like the yummy food. I too worked at Korean restuarant before called Zingdo.

Besides Food and Beverages jobs, I work at Zone X aracde for a month. There got so many ah bengs and I am like the flower. LOL. It's pretty funny that kids will mistook me for an auntie.

My longest job was Quiksilver/Roxy. That was my first retail job and I enjoyed it ALOT. I miss the times when BK, May, Zoseph, Aaron, Jane and etc when I am working. I miss slacking and playing games. I miss taking crazy pictures too..

I distribute flyers before too. I tried giving out tourists map for a day for an hour or two, I cant rembered. Then I try working as a dragger for California Fitness. That particular day a woman pass me a namecard and told me if I need flyer job tell her. I emailed her and yea, till now I'm waiting for events :D

The most recent jobs was Cafe Del Mar. I like working as food runner 'cos as usual the kitchen people were really nice.. but it's just too heavy. The environment is great but it kind of make Sentosa not my favourite place already. 'Cos it's related to money. SO I went back to Cotton On again..

WOO, thinking back.. I worked so many jobs before. My future? Hmms. A proper rice bowl that will last me long.. as long as I am growing older and my parents are?

Now what lies ahead of you?

Dont look back anymore
they stays and you grow.

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