January 7, 2008

Still a long way ahead.

I've been rather busy as usual. Heh. Open house is coming.. and there are practises like almost everyday but that's the reason everyone is working so hard so as to put up a good performance for the students in nyp/visitors and etc. I feel kind of excited too 'cos i gonna perform in atrium for the first time. :D

Though sometimes i may feel stress in the performance, i too hope it's a chance for me to gain experience and build up my confidence level. (My inner voice: "HEY, JESSICA YOU CAN ACTUALLY DANCE! xD") I'm a person who get nervous easily especially when i didn stay focus and facing people(even 1 or 2). Then i got really stiff like some block. This time round, for the AM to PM chereo i'm in the middle. Wooooo omg.

I gonna JIAYOU, JIAYOUuuuu for everyone in Fbodz and other performancers for open house.

Keep the heavy load aside.. If anyone wanted to destress, you can try walking around your house area and try to snap snap pictures. Some pictures may come out good as what you've not expected.

Saw the above pictures? An invade to the rooftop. LOL. My block is under construction so the blanglas/thai workers got to do painting and everything. I stays in the tenth floor which is the highest and that means they need to climb up to access to the rooftop. So for the first time i climb and see how the top of a HDB's rooftop look like.. but i didn climb all the way up 'cos Mum dont allow. :(

On that particular day, Jon and me went to the park too.

Him and his purple fantasy. =x

Windmills huh, full of color isnt it?

It's getting late again. Comm skills presentation later in the morning, unprepared. HAHA. Oink oink.


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