September 5, 2007

Happy holidays.

Tag replys:
Chuck: Thanks alot boy. :D
nic: I'm alright already. Heh.
baoxin: I'm okay.. cya soon!
passerby: hahah, thanks man.. but i'm quite busy this days so'll wont be much pictures.. maybe u come back once in awhile will hav pics. do tag! =D
sandra: linked. =D
Zack: yea, i think she's great.
Val: I'll be going back osch frm this month onwards.. cya ard! =D
jeanie: I'll update when i really free.. and i've yet to send u pics. =/
metalella: okay!

I'll be away for awhile, visit me at Quiksilver/Roxy on Mon - Wed + Sun(Marina Square or Raffles City).

Life is now all about work, dance[oschool and fbodz], friends and boyfriend.. and i pretty much need to be happy. Emo shoo shoo and PLEASE i shouldnt care so much of how other sees me, i should be happy with what i feel good and etc.

Thank for loving me.. thanks Jeanie for saying you all love me. =D

Losta love to
Chuck since 250807:D

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