August 24, 2007

Hello, can you see me?

I'm sad that i feel left out at some point of time. Maybe i'm thinking too much, maybe they think i'm busy. I dont know where i stand, or maybe HEY.. i'm thinking too much.

You can say i'm lack of confidence especially with regards to that. I keep telling myself i will sore, i'll buck up but that lazy worm crawl onto me. Those things become some kind of habits i treasure, and i hope they will always stay.

Mum tells me i should be independent, she says i shouldnt care so much about them. But hey, i want them to know i care. Though i'm always the quiet kind, the-sian-look, emotionless face, bo-chap attitude doesnt mean i dont treasure anything.

Can you feel me? Can anyone feel me?

Damn, emo creatures crawling to me.

Shoo shoo.

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