July 31, 2007

Someone asked me.

"Isolation?" I dont quite know how to anwser that but i am, some times.

I'm kind of stress this days, thinking that HELLO.. i've so much things undone but i cant kick my ass and start working. Instead all i do is sleeping, chatting and what-so-ever. And i think i needed alot of attention, as in i wanted more people to care.

Let me illustrate you a scenario. There's this group of people together, they chilled and played together. Girl A stop to tie her shoelaces or stop 'cos someone is blocking her way. The rest of the group continue walking and didn notice Girl A has stopped. Girl A noticed they are far away and gave chase by walking faster. Then there's Girl B, the same scenario happen but the group of people seems to notice and stopped.

I'm thinking if i suddenly go missing, will anybody like turn back and said: "Hey, where's Jessica?"

I think the stress is piling and i'm getting emo. I get really bored by my life, and i feel there's really no someone, no aim in fact. All i know i've to pass all my examnations and meet up to what people expect from me.

Bloody hell, i want to go to the beach.

I want to scream for whatever or anything.

I start to lost myself again
this syndrome is coming back

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