April 14, 2007

Love you sunshine.

I'm falling sick or currently i'm sick. I'm having this flu, sorethroat and cough. Anyone want to visit me tomorrow and bring me some liang teh or strepsils? Or few packets of tissues? Lol.

Two more days to end of war, Marina Square and then Pacific Plaza.. woo.

I'm out like everyday and i think my body need a rest. Yesterday i take this rebounce train to Marina Bay then all the way to Yew Tee. There's this group of office ladies and man looking at me while i was sleeping. I dont know what they were talking about 'cos i was listening to my MP3. Goodness gracious, oh well.

For some updates.. i went to Sentosa on the Tuesday with Eugenia, Charyle and Guowei. We took like hundred over pictures, i shall upload the shots i like. Probably tons of them..

Eug and me.

Below are some candids..

And it look as if we are dicussing about what to pose and then TADAHH, we got it done. HAHAH.

Below are what i love.. JUMPING!


Let's splash water! =D

And now presenting the couple.. they flyyyyyy,


Some shots of myself..


I look as if i'm playing catching with the indian boy. AND i'll protect you from the waves." LOL.. and WHY I've a TUMMY so BIG. RAWR.

I look like i'm afraid of the wave and also constipation. LMAO.

We FLYYY again.

..and that was candid.


I think the amount of pictures is way too much. BUT HEY, i still 've got more to go. I know i am too self-obsessed so pardon me.


And i'm having fun with the banana boat. Tsk tsk.

Last but not least, with Charyle.

She's hot!

End of Sentosa camwhoring.

I think human is full of nonsense, especially one like me. I tend to regret only when i'm losing something. Come to think of it, i dont really expressed my feelings out.. and i believe this is partly why i am so stiff or so calm(or bo chap) in things with regards to my life.

Anyway, i think i'll scare my colleagues 'cos i eat way too much, especially when i'm working at Raffles City. Lina say everytime she walk into the store room, i'm always munching something. Oh well.. HAHAH.

And i shall updates the pictures taken during work the next post. I think i'll miss the colleagues when school reopen. May, Joseph, Arthur, Jed, Ana, Lena, Zar, Boon Kiat, Ivan, Aaron, Owen, Lynn, Jane, Jamal, Theresa, Lina, Nita, Fiza, Paul, Wanfong. Did i miss anyone out?

Tsk tsk, i miss my besties and classmates too. Anna, Stel, Wen, Xue, Yang, Eugenia, YT(guy bestie!), Weiliang(bro!).. Trixy, Zhihui, Yiling, Liting, Aaron(sir!), Enghua, Robin, Desmond and blah.

Hey, i do miss Leonard(small boy!) too. I miss having to see him in dance class and then session with the rest.

and AIYAH, no one 've been visiting me. =(

Love you no more
'cos it's no longer
in the air i breathe.

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