April 10, 2007

Friends like strangers.

Love's like cigar, it's a drug that is hard to kill. But hey i dont smoke.

I dont quite understand why friends can suddenly become strangers. One night we're so happy togther and then POOF.. all is down to zero. It's like rewinding the tape and i dont quite like this. I guess that's life, like it or not.. i have to accept that.

On Wednesday(4th April), went to meet my cousins after work. We sort of have a gathering at Kbox. And yes, we sing our hearts loud.. YEA i drink finish one mug of beer 'cos no one wanted to drink and i don want to waste the moo-lahs. Heh.

Jiaming, Dai see, Ah Ping and Ah Shan.

My eyes look rather weird, but yea.. down those sorrows.

And HELLO, this is piglet.

On Saturday(7 April), i met Xue for swim and then off to work.. working at PP.

My face am blurred. Lol.

Here's some pictures taken during work.. and to IVAN, i blog you already. HAHA.

Presenting me, ROXY.

Presenting surfboard and me. HEH.

Boon Kiat, Ivan and me.

Ivan keep saying i'll become a star blogger someday. HAHAH. Yes Ivan, in my dreams.

Here's what Ivan did and then i tried my artistic skills..

He actually climb onto the top of the store. I was like WOO.. i also want to climb so high. And so i did..

I almost cry when i climb down 'cos it's way too high. Or say i scare i will fall and become cripple. I still have alot of things undone! Lol.

And here's my art piece.

Similar? Teehee. Bk says mine's the cute version 'cos i cant draw as cool as the real one. HAHHA.

Yes, there's some pictures taken with my twin in MS..

Presenting May. Heh.

RAWR, i wonder why the food i ate during work and home is so damn nice. I cant live without food.. and that's the main reason why my tummy is so damn big. SUPPER GOT TO BLAME.

Today is my off day. But still i cant rest, i'm out later.

Hey i miss my friends, can i say i love love?

Feel me,
Feel you.

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