April 15, 2007

There's this waiting and hoping.

Alot of laughter and madness at work. We keep doing funny actions when the songs are played. Arthur make me laugh like nobody business, and i wonder why he always got so much energy.

Saw? HAHHA. Actually i hide inside there first, then i ask Arthur to try. And YES, Quiksilver in Marina Square is big enough to play catching, if you want to try. Lol.

They're on candid camera, and they look so stone.

Anyway here's some pictures taken on the Thursday..

I'm like taking my reflection again. I wonder everytime i take that, am i capturing the real me?

Presenting the funny Arthur and retard Jess. Tsk tsk.

Presenting the twins and Zoseph.

Check out Arthur flying kick. LOL.

Last but not least,

Presenting the crew.

Anyway i saw this super dooper handsome chap, but he've got girlfriend already. He's Aaron's friend from kakatua. Lol. Dennis came to visit me too, thanks alot! YEA, Dad and Mum came and visit me, and i keep asking my colleagues is my mum pretty. Heh.

I laugh at every single thing, sometimes they arent even funny at all(to others).. what's wrong with me?



HEY, anyone like miss me?

another habit of mine
become so thin
and i feel lost.

..sugar bring me high.

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