April 6, 2007

Shine and be with me.

I'm super dooper tired and am quite lazy to update. So i shall update my blog with more pictures when i'm really freeeeeeeee. I've work three days straight already, three more days to go till my off day. I really feel tired, i think i should try to sleep really early today, STOP SLEEPING AT THREE/FOUR J.

Anyway, i miss sentosa alot partly 'cos i haven been there for quite long. I've the urge to go there every week or go for swim(at swimming complex). I want to become chocolate mint color. =D

My moo-lahs keep flying off and i cant stop but to see them go. I just bought this bikini from workplace and i think i gonna buy another soon. The kids camo bikini with no padding(HAH, that make me look real flat).. but i was amaze i can actually wear that and yes nice design&color. Tsk tsk. Hopefully i will go tanning more so my moo-lahs wont be wasted.

Hey, Quiksilver/Roxy will be having a sale up to 50 - 70% at Isetan(Lido) till April 12.

I flyyy.. Pacific plaza tomorrow, Isetan Bazaar on Sunday.. Marina Sqaure on Monday. VISIT ME ANYONE?

Too tired to think - of you.

Life's shalala
you tralala
me hualala.

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