March 4, 2007

Feel the night.

I've been sleeping like four in the morning everyday. If i've got work i just merely sleep for five hours, am i crazy or what? Lols. I guess i'm having this habit of sleeping late and using computer till the wee hours. I've to try my best to sleep early or the bags on my eyes will be increasing, at a rate it cant be cure. =x

I wanted to play o2Jam but then this stupid error keep coming out. It just wouldnt let this computer run the patch. SOB.

What's FTP?

Hmms, went to meet wen after work on thursday. We ate Mos Burger for supper. I ate the mos chicken and yes.. a super spicy soup cos i put two packets of pepper.

Candids. I look rather dumb, Heh.

We'll trying v hard to BLEAH-ING each other.

On friday, had my last Hip Hop 1 lesson with Daniel and the people. I kind of regretted not asking them to help me film when i was dancing with Leonard. Then i can see how i look when i'm dancing. We're arrange in groups of two and i'm in the first group. Woo. Everyone tried their best, and we've fun! =D

Four different shots, four different pose. Teehee. And ya, alot of them comment i dont look like a dancer. Well, i still have NINTY-FIVE percent to absorb. I've only FIVE percent that is absorb.

With Daniel. I'll still go for open class!

I'll miss small boy - Leonard. He's not continuing Hip Hop II but joining bboy.


Yesterday(saturday) was working as usual. I'm happy 'cos YT, Danny and Kenneth came to visit me. When i saw farmiliar faces visiting me, i dont feel as bored.. and that's when i feel happy. And yea, for the past working days, Mum, Eugenia and brother, Henry, Xiuhui, Shiqi too came and visit me(..pardon if i forget to mention names). GREATLY APPRECIATED. =D

With colleague Jed who always says i'm sleepyhead. I think i start to like my colleagues over there.. and cos i'm adapting to the environment already. I keep showing May stupid actions and talk nonsense. EHEH. Then Zar(transfer from PP to MS) keep saying Joseph(new colleague) and me. When he's in PP he kept saying Ivan and me. OH WELL, hahah.

This is the first time i take pictures in MS. And i love my new black jeans! WEE. It's ultra skinny jeans. LOL. For your information, the cap aint mine, i just grab to take pictures. Heh.

After work, met Wen and went home together.

She's getting prettier! =D

Some pictures from my previous posts are crossed, is that something wrong with blogger or my pictures? Arghh.


Taste of pepper
taste of mint
together you've got

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