March 2, 2007

Back to zero.

...from black and white to colors, TEEHEE. ..and this is my new yellow shirt, The MONSTER STORE. =D.

we love brunei says:
J-XI-GUA says:
OEI what
we love brunei says:
oei you
J-XI-GUA says:
yes me
J-XI-GUA says:
then what
we love brunei says:
we love brunei says:
J-XI-GUA says:

..bored yes, take care in brunei BROTHER WEILIANG.

Exam finally over and there's this BIG load off. But somehow i guess i wont score as well as last semester. Oh well, everything is over. I shall have have fun during work and meet up with long lost or new peeps. Heh.

Went to town with the class peep after exams on Wednesday. We went to ate Swensens and then was stuck in the rain at Heeren. Then we decided to take neoprints! And i suppose is super dooper long since everyone play the machine. CRAZE, and that make me love my classmates.. SOMETIMES. =x

The breakfast menu, but we ate lunch. Heh.

Presenting ONG LAI.

YUMMY and we're full.

And here's how a cam addict have fun with the machine.

And here come Trix..

With our funny faces. ;p

Ling, Ting, Ron and Robin joined in..


The actual neoprint and the process..

We're so COOL.. HAHAH.


With Meishyan..

Second printed.

I got a new nickname by MILO FREEZE.. PEPPERMINT! Lol. =D

Dance like no one is looking
scream like no one cares
laugh like no one does
fly like no one can.


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